Training without implementation 
is not an effective use of resources and time
Coaching is a tool used for employee growth and empowering your team to take ownership of their learning. Coaching is a strategy that allows you to be supportive of your team and get actively involved with your employees. The results of these actions can result in employee growth, engagement and retention.

Return on investment in training increases from 22% to 88% when supported with coaching

More than 60% of salespeople are more likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach

Training and coaching leads to an increase of 88% in productivity, versus 23% from training alone

Would you like:

*New and improved skills
*Improved relationships within your team
*Increased motivation
*Improved atmosphere
*Sales and revenue increase
*Team and personal goals achieved
*Coaching improves morale, retention, and team relationships.
*Your team report being happier and built stronger relationships with their direct supervisor
*Your team make better sales, have higher retention and reported feeling more dedicated to the job
*The bottom line: sales teams who use sales performance coaching had 161% more wins
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