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I help you see the possibilities for your life in a new light.

Hey, I'm Jenny Hardman, 

I'm here to help you find the confidence and passion that will allow you to live without limitations!  Using powerful techniques for releasing limiting beliefs, so we can create a life without boundaries! We're all about living our most vibrant selves together—what do YOU need today?
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Author, Success Coach, NLP practitioner and speaker
My mission is to help entrepreneurs create a business model that maximizes their potential. I help you to clear away your blocks so that you can understand what it means when you are truly in our power--whether its aligning your energy or attracting more of what you really want into your business/life! 

Would this be possible if there were no obstacles?

I believe every person deserves an opportunity at success on some level; even though sometimes life gets tough out here on Earth...we're still powerful beings dreaming big dreams about how things could possibly become better one day. I want you to achieve the level of success and income from your work without investing too many hours at home or on-the-go, which would leave less time for family life as well!

I'm here with an answer: let me show just what can be done using my strategies - they've helped thousands take back control in today's competitive marketplace so far...
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I'm sorry to say
The idea of overnight success is an unrealistic expectation that sets you up for failure. If someone boasts about their 6 figure income or gaining 40 clients with one email, there's no way that's happened with one email, they've been building this business for years! 

It also sets the bar too high so it feels like nothing will ever be good enough when in reality all we need are just some little steps to take each day till our goals come true. 

There’s always going to be people who say "I did X operation last week and now look at me!" But if someone tells us what time period covers these events then suddenly everything makes sense. 
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We all have the potential to create freedom and success. I am committed towards helping you attain those goals through collaboration with others, which is why I will always publish some of my content completely free!

I understand that a lot of people are skeptical about how much value is really found in what I have to share.  So, you're looking for some free training videos and case studies? Well I've got your back. There's a ton of resources right here on my website that will help with anything from finding new leads to improving current accounts! You can even join me in real time during live video conferences if it easier - just say "yes" when prompted at sign-up ;)

So whether your curiosity has been piqued or you just stumbled upon our site by accident looking up something else entirely related--I'm thrilled we've gained YOUR interest."

Procrastination to profit
While we all seem to procrastinate, it can be a real problem and hinder you from getting the job done. But what if I told you there's a way for you to do less, have more time on your hands, charge more for your work? 

Welcome to procrastination-to-profit. 

Our program will help you define who are are, find out how much money is possible to make without necessarily charging clients more, know where the money is coming from so that when someone asks "Who pays for this?" You can say with confidence "I do." Why wait any longer? Get started today!

The Procrastination to Profit program is designed for people who are exhausted but unable to find the time, energy or resources they need keep up with their clients. The course covers topics including strategy, messaging and personalization that will have your customers saying "wow" after contact with you!
Procrastination to Profit
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"I’ve missed more times than I can count in my career. I’ve been trusted to take the winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Jenny Hardman


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