Focus on the right 'stuff'
Business Coach - Author - International Speaker - Founder Directors Development Academy
Are you just at that point in your life where you want more?
You started your business to gain success, a better life balance and financial freedom although you're working your socks off and drowning in the day to day activities. 

The thing is, as a business owner, director, you wear multiple hats on a daily basis and focusing on the right stuff each day can become confusing. Overwhelmed with your to do list and not actually progressing? 

Come and talk to the queen ;) 
In 2020, the year of COVID and adversity for most, I have supported some amazing directors to increase their income by at least 150%... at least! 

That is on top of my own successes and wins within my own business. I don't say that to brag, I say this to honestly say that if you focus on the right stuff, you will become more productive and achieve more. 

I am no wizard or magical moomicorn, progression takes determination, an open mind and hard work. 

You maybe thinking, what the hell is THAT on the right? Well.... that is our magical moomicorn. To find out more about here and why a magical moomicorn, click here to find out more ;) 
Sitting in my living room, soothing my youngest daughter, mid-way through a nervous breakdown, my second marriage had ended due to domestic abuse – I was thinking THIS CANNOT CONTINUE, why is this happening to me!

After a lifetime of repeating the same patterns I realized that I couldn’t keep blaming everyone around me for why my life seems so hard! I needed to take responsibility, and if I wanted my life to change, my children’s lives to be more secure, first, I needed to change myself.

You see, business is simple, business is just a process although in most cases, if you are not right, you're business is not right. You have to build on solid foundations or the whole structure will crumble around you.