Training complemented with coaching can deliver significant business benefits. Training your employees in better technique’s, customer service skills and marketing expertise helps boost sales and improve customer satisfaction

By providing compassionate and honest coaching and training coupled with effective strategies which ultimately provides the vehicle to achieve a clear direction. Supporting teams of passionate individuals working together with integrity.

Focusing on ethical organisations who have the ability to change lives, helping them achieve growth in areas that they find challenging and offering them the choices that they desire within their growth and development.

Stop winging it!
Discover practical knowledge and skills of how to build a profitable business that will create a positive lifestyle for you and your family.

Implementation is key!
Holding you accountable is key to you achieving big results and growing your business. You will receive a 1-2-1 zoom accountability sessions throughout the month with Jenny Hardman and this is your time to ask for specific help or support.

Stop making mistakes and winging it!
Throughout each session, Jenny Hardman teach you exactly what you need to do and implement in your business to improve and grow in that particular area. Each month you are given specific plans to complete which you then have one month to implement what you have learned into your business.

Does this sound like you? 

*Business feels a lonely place and sometimes struggle to stay motivated
*Actively trying to grow your business but are left feeling frustrated
*Working too many hours and not having time for you or your family
*Have cash flow problems that are stopping you from growing
*Spending time and money on marketing that’s not generating leads
*Not making enough profit and don’t have the lifestyle you want
*Making profit on some products / services and losing on others
*Can’t find trustworthy and reliable members of staff
*Struggling to meet the right contacts who can open new doors

While training and coaching both promote learning, they do so in different ways:

*Training is about teaching specific skills or knowledge – Coaching is about facilitating someone else’s thinking and helping them learn on the job.

*Great coaching drives sales results, frees up business leaders from time spent managing, develops and retains talent, and reinforces the knowledge you gain from training.
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