By the chapter that you walked in on
The thing holding you back is you.

Take the first step to your new rock hard life. 

If you feel like you have been trying to battle with yourself to overcome your anxiety for years with no results then this is the place.

Banish those limiting self beliefs with strategies and real life accounts of being surrounded by domestic abuse. It is also an open view into the mind of a child who lived through domestic abuse and trauma from an early age.
Often many people find it too easy to dismiss the long term effects on mental health, patterns are learned, behaviours are repeated and the trauma continues.

The unknown choices that we make in life based on our world views and perceptions based on our experiences that changed our lives. These patterns CAN be broken and you can live a happy life and gain the success that you decide. 

Take control of your life. Become more confident and in turn more successful, gaining the choices that you deserve

Meet your author 
Jenny Hardman is a Director Development and Resilience Coach. A mum of 5 childerbeasts and an absolute hoot at a party! 

Jenny's story overcomes  lifetime of domestic abuse, overcoming illness - both physical and mental and documents a daily battle to survive against the odds. 

Being in business with mental health challenges such as anxiety and PTSD due to past trauma is extremely difficult to navigate. You react differently, you trigger at simple things and there is no way you are going networking! 

Being a business owner has presented many challenges along the way which has led to self discovery and studying a degree in Psychology. Writing this book has been a long journey and many have asked for it over the years. 

"Even if only one person who reads this book is effected in a positive way to make a change and value themselves then my work is complete"

Unicorns, Fairydust & Bullshit!
The book is written to dispel the myths of society norms and being a sheep bbbaaaaaa!

We grow up in a life where we are filled with dreams and wonder. 

What will I be when we grow up? I know, I am going to visit the moon and eat cheese! 

Becoming a parent, you will fall instantly in love with your baby, it's just natural. So does that mean I am not natural or normal because I did not bond after a traumatic birth? 

Love and relationships are wonderful, it is the most amazing experience to be loved and be in love... Right well I must be doing this shit wrong then!! 

This book is not for the easily offended or the light hearted, no offence, it's just probably not for you. 

This book is explicitly honest on all things life..
What we are expected to do and feel vs what we actually do and feel and how this breeds negativity and depression as we feel substandard when we do not conform to these 'norms' 

ps.... not many people do conform to the norms.... You are totally normal ;) 

And yes...
If you were wondering, that there is a Moomicorn muhahahah! 
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