March 10th, 2020

Do you have the biggest secret??

I think that YOU have the biggest secret ever! No joke, this is a game changer and sooooo simple. I wanted to share with you something that I think will make you stop and think about your business marketing!

Biggest Business Secret

Let me share with you a short story to explain....

On an ordinary Sunday afternoon, Steve went to visit his mother Dawn. When he arrived, Dawn was in the Kitchen, on the telephone and was visibly upset, she hung up the phone and burst into tears!

Steve asked his mum what was wrong, he thought something terrible had happened. Dawn said that her friend’s son had started his own business over a year ago as a builder and he was struggling. He had no clients coming in, no money, no way to pay his bills and he had a young family and they were at risk of losing their home.

Steve stood in silence for a moment just astounded. He asked mum, 'Why didn't you tell me earlier, I could have helped him?'

Dawn replied with, 'How could you help him?..... What do you even do?'

Shock horror! Let me say that again, his mum asked 'What do you even do' Steve hadn't educated those around him what he does and how he helps people.


Business Fails

I think it is safe to say that many of us have fallen into a similar situation where someone we know and love, doesn't actually know what we do.

Imagine if your close friends, family members and neighbours actually knew what you did. Do you think they would recommend you to a friend in need if they knew you could help them?? 

Now I am not suggesting that you go knocking on all your neighbour’s doors to tell them what you do. What I am saying is, I would make it a priority to educate those around you, exactly what benefit you provide to your end user and also, who your ideal clients are and how you can help them.

Imagine your mum/dad/brother/sister just gushing at how amazing you are at what you do, would you ever find a better salesperson? 

This is the first step of developing your relationships within business.

Let me break this down for you. Each person has on average 1000 contacts that they know. If you have 10 friends, that's 10,000 people! If you’re a social butterfly and have 30 friends, that's a whopping 30,000! WOW

Think about who you know and who they know and how you can utilise that to your advantage.