20 Minute Discovery Session

Your a business owner/director. You have to manage the million jobs yourself, manage and support your team and never have anyone to unload on. What about your mental health? Where do you go for support? 
You need your own peer of support and you need to be able work on your business, not in your business.

2.5 Hour Breakthrough Session

 In this session we work on whatever is holding you back right now. We develop a plan, look at your marketing, and leave you feeling excited and passionate about your next steps
In your discovery session you can find out how my coaching can help you gain clarity, confidence and direction for your business and give you some much-needed oomph to get you motivated.

Confusion to Clarity coaching

12 weeks transforming your business and your life. Empowering you to see yourself as a leader, gain focus and smash your goals. Don't know your goals? We will work on those too. Success is not defined for you, you define your own success and happiness. 

Director Development Academy

A subscription style membership with everything you need to develop yourself and your business. Access to coaches, a global community, 4 live training's every month and much more! Never pay for an online training again.