Life happens. Sometimes, the events in our lives can influence our thoughts & beliefs without us even realizing it. It's never too late to take steps to change the way you think, feel, and live. Change your life by changing your thoughts with executive coaching by joining one of our upcoming workshops happening soon!
When you're so busy doing everyone else's jobs while still trying to get your own done on time or ahead of schedule (which never seems achievable) When you have so many responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep up.
That's why I've spent years developing a system for people like you to get their own work done and do all the other jobs that you're doing in your day-to-day lives without getting overwhelmed.

When your life is constantly changing as new roles are put on top of what was already there - being then pulled off again just when they were mastered; how does anyone really know who they want to be? 

It becomes even more complicated by attempting these things while still trying not feel guilty about neglecting family or friends, but if one could acknowledge this struggle and find ways around them...maybe everything would balance out
Jacob was recovering from a divorce and rebuilding his life with much confusion and lack of direction. He knew his passion was in creative cooking although was afraid to launch his business due to past perceived failures. 

We often perceive lack of reaching our original goals as failure although we have developed skills and knowledge in whatever we try and achieve. 

Jacob has become more self aware, developed his true confidence to put himself out there into the world and generate clients with ease on to his coaching program. 

Now in a new relationship and with a business he can be proud of and there is no stopping him with his future goals. 

Become the leader you were meant to be!

Do you want to get more out of your business and your life? Stop waiting, start coaching today.

What do you want to achieve?
Do you have a clear vision for what you want to be doing in 12 weeks time? We have helped hundreds of executives just like you.

Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals
We believe that setting SMART goals is the key to success because not only are they specific, but also they are measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. You will work on all five pillars of SMART goal setting during our training sessions with us.

How does coaching work?
Coaching is a process of professional guidance leading to more effective personal and workplace performance. We will guide you through the process of self-discovery leading up to achieving your goal.

12 one-hour sessions
We schedule 12 one-hour sessions with you. The more time you plan in to implement, the more progress you will make towards your goal.
It's hard being a business owner, and it's even harder when you don't feel like you have enough time to breathe. But we have the solution. Our executive coaching programs are designed to help you gain clarity for your future, and take actionable steps on how to achieve your goals with a plan of action.

Get the training and coaching you need
We offer 12 weeks of executive coaching that will transform your life AND business. Our programs will empower you to see yourself as a leader and remove whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals. We provide our clients with clear, actionable steps on how to achieve their goals — redefining your passions and achieving your desires in no time.

Achieve the results you want
Our program is structured in such a way that will not only help us do our job, but also help YOU achieve the results you want (and more)!

Working “on” our business is when we get to be that visionary! 

•Create customized action plans according to your needs and past successes.
•Set personalized reminders and never miss a beat.
•Track your progress in an easy to read graph that shows your achievements in relation to past and future goals.
•Use traditional or groundbreaking techniques to achieve more in less time with this all in one app.
•Build a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.
•Believe in your own capabilities, have the motivation and the courage to take actions.
•Create a fulfilling life by being self-reliant, more open minded and disciplined.
•Achieve your goals with fewer mistakes, less stress and less impact on your mood.
•Learn how to channel emotions more effectively so they drive you towards success rather than away from it.
•You will feel more self-reliant and in control of your life with the help of this app.
•Gain more satisfaction with your life in general, because you will be making a greater contribution to the team and organization that you are working for.

About Jenny 

Her story oversees a lifetime of abuse, overcoming illness – both physical and mental, and documents my daily battle to survive against the odds to become an award winning mentor and inspiration to many.  

Jenny has successfully launched and built many of her own businesses to multiple 6 figure incomes and has a passion for showing you how to do it too!

Whilst classed as a coach, Jenny is many other things besides. Your supporter, idea generator, myth busters, hand holder, bum kicker, motivator, trainer, cheerleader & mentor - these are all descriptions from clients, past and present

Jenny strongly believe that every business owner has challenges, it’s not what happens to us but what we do that makes the difference. Working with you, to support you in uncovering your true potential, your ideal clients and a strategy to have incredible business results and just as importantly a balanced family life 

Jenny is an award winning coach and trainer specializing in relationships and strategy with online and relationship marketing. She stratagizes with successful business owners to create a personalized, client generation process that systematizes and streamlines their efforts, keeps them up to date, and allows them to create both their personal and professional legacy, without sacrificing their family life”