The allure of the shiny shiny new thing over there that you just HAVE to go check out. Which ultimately leads you down a rabbit hole with no return of lost time and space.

Epic fail right?

So you are a director, you own your business as you are great at what you do. You are also the leadership trainer, recruiter, HR, marketing, social media manager, sales and everything else in between! Who do you go to lean on when you need to gain some direction, guidance and support?  


Working “on” our business is when we get to be that visionary! Here are some of the activities to do when working “on” your business:

• What you need to do now to create space
• Developing a growth mindset
• Life goals and expectations 
• Time management
• Planning for the future
• Ideal audiences and how to reach them
• Branding evaluation and strategy
• Marketing strategies that work
• Customer flow - Creating those touch points
• Nurturing your audience
• Building systems
• Refining and automating processes
• Evaluating your numbers/measuring success


Fire fighting! 
You have challenges in everyday life with partners, family, friends and children. If your personal life is unstable or presenting challenges, this will be affecting your ability to make decisions within your business. Working through your challenges and looking at how you choose to act and react to those around you alongside gaining new insights into how perceptions, thought processes and learnt behavior's impact our daily lives. 

Goal Setting
We’re going to start the process with a BIG kick-ass goal that you want to achieve within the next 12 months. It could be hitting that 6/7 figure income, developing a relationship plan with those around you, gaining the tools to empower yourself to kick the impostor syndrome or becoming a published author– whatever fits you. Goal setting is simple, your plans are unique!

Once your goal is set it’s time to ‘get your plan on’. We’ll work out, together, the steps you’ll need to take to hit that goal and create a day-by-day plan to get you there during our sessions together. This isn't a time to drill down on each minute of everyday, it's a simple and achievable plan that fits in with the life that you wish to create. 

YES! We will be taking A LOT of action during your sessions. This is your time to shine. Ditch the excuses and make some awesome stuff happen. Action will get you where you want to go, and we’ll all be in the same boat together. There is a time for venting and pity parties although we focus on what is working and how to do more of it. 

Facebook Group
You will gain access to an exclusive community. A space where we will be sharing our goals, plans, action steps, struggles, successes, ideas and everything else about the adventure we’ll be on together. This is our lifeline, resource center and so much more! A team of coaches from every business sphere to answer your questions and nudge you to where you want to go. 

Nothing beats having others to help you see things from a different perspective. Something not working? We’ll get our heads together and see if we can solve it. Team work makes the dream work and we’re a team for your sessions. When you are sat in your own box with the walls build high, it's challenging to see what's actually going on. Having an outsider peer over your walls to offer a clear direction and process for what you need next. 

Regular testing and measuring are the best way’s to get you to your goal. Every week we’ll be looking at what we’ve done and assessing whether we need to tweak our plan or ramp it up. Implementation and results will be our focus and our path to success.

We’ll be celebrating successes large and small. There will be some comfort zone pushing and some ‘firsts’ for most people – these are all things to be proud of and I’m looking forward to seeing you achieve some great stuff as I know you can. 

If you have been in business less than 3 years, your turnover is less than £30,000 or you are in the early stages of business with no consistent income yet, congratulations for taking your first step! 

Head over to the academy or the mastermind for more options. 

About Jenny 

Her story oversees a lifetime of abuse, overcoming illness – both physical and mental, and documents my daily battle to survive against the odds to become an award winning mentor and inspiration to many.  

Jenny has successfully launched and built many of her own businesses to multiple 6 figure incomes and has a passion for showing you how to do it too!

Whilst classed as a coach, Jenny is many other things besides. Your supporter, idea generator, myth busters, hand holder, bum kicker, motivator, trainer, cheerleader & mentor - these are all descriptions from clients, past and present

Jenny strongly believe that every business owner has challenges, it’s not what happens to us but what we do that makes the difference. Working with you, to support you in uncovering your true potential, your ideal clients and a strategy to have incredible business results and just as importantly a balanced family life 

Jenny is an award winning coach and trainer specializing in relationships and strategy with online and relationship marketing. She stratagizes with successful business owners to create a personalized, client generation process that systematizes and streamlines their efforts, keeps them up to date, and allows them to create both their personal and professional legacy, without sacrificing their family life”