Confusionto Clarity

Discover how you could stop the washing machine of your life and pull your life together. Especially if you're a small business owner in the first few years.

If you've ever found yourself being pulled at all ends, feeling like you're overstretching and basically manically trying to hold everything together, then read every word below.

The biggest reason why your business isn't where you know it could be, the reason why you kill yourself to get to where you are and why no matter how hard you try, it's there…. always that slight nagging in the back of your head that things could always slip up. If you've ever experienced any of that or any of those sensations or thoughts, then you need to read every word below.

By the time you finish this, you'll understand how to go from confusion to clarity in just six weeks while ultimately overcoming every barrier, putting the right intentions forward and most importantly, putting a plan that we set together into action that will allow you to execute every single time with complete clarity.

But before I get into that, let me introduce myself. 
My name is Jenn Hardman and I have spent most of my life developing businesses. The last 4 years working with owner operators develop their businesses to achieve amazing success.

Among many of the things I have accomplished, I am a mum of five, I have successfully built my businesses to multiple 6 figure incomes and I’ve helped other people build their businesses and this is why I know how to do this.

You need to have immense clarity when you're managing five kids, a family, and building a business all at the same time.
So anytime you feel like you have slight confusion, it could completely tip you off the balance but once you have complete clarity on what you want, you will go at it 100% and it will get you the results that you need and want.
That's the reason why I came up with this program confusion to clarity.
It all started when I was speaking to a multitude of different businesses. Working with these companies,  only to realise that the majority of the confused business owners that are going through the struggles, the manic marketing, feeling like they're being pulled apart every side and me just sitting there and seeing how clear their business plan could be for them to grow, scale and multiply their income.  

To them it was completely murky and they couldn't see. It wasn't until after I started working in these companies and showed them how easy and simple it is to go from confusion to clarity.
I started to develop this process and over the last 12 months, I've actually been employing this process with every client to help them get clear on what they want and how to get to the results they need. And that's exactly what I have for you today.
I got tired of having to of doing these just one-on-one and realising no matter how many clients I did help through this process; I could never be as impactful as I wanted without digitising and prioritising my strategies so you can use them no matter where you are and what industry by group coaching programs just like this.

So what's is confusion to clarity:

Each week is designed to get you close to a plan of attack and actually by the end you'll have complete clarity within your life and your business, with a direction to take and be able to put down all those plates. 

You will discover....
Week one is: Life assessment and Intention setting 
Week two: Ignite your passion
Week three: All about you
Week four: Self sabotage
Week five: Your best life
Week six: Action plans

Imagine being able to have complete clarity on what you're doing, knowing that when you get out of bed and actually get to your office, when you open up your laptop, when you start doing whatever it is that you do that runs your business for you, you have complete clarity that you know what time you'll start, what time you'll end and you'll have the precision and dedication to get everything done because you would have set it ahead of time and I'm going to show you how you can do this and still overcome every challenge that comes towards you as a business owner.

Having the confidence that you could over come every challenge that comes towards you as a business owner but don't just take it my word for it. While this is the new coaching program that I have created, I do have an abundance of clients who have given testimonials on exactly what I do,

Every week you challenge me. Every week that leads to improvements in my business. Not the wishy washy short term ones that are easy to achieve. But the hard, long term ones that truly make a difference.
Plus, your 1 liners are absolute class! Cannot get through a call without laughing!

Carol M - Online Tutor
Jenny is fantastic at what she does, she gets you to dig deeper to truly understand why you're in business and helps you identify the customers you want to attract. She is super supportive and pushes you to look at things you haven't considered before.
If you want your business to succeed, get her involved and you'll go from strength to strength.

Julie H - Accountant
Jenn  knows how to get you motivated, will tell you what you need to know in plain English, she will help gain that extra client, contact or contract by guiding you on what you need to do, but ultimately makes you responsible for your actions so you learn and feel a great sense of achievement.

Andy B - Online Retailer
So what's the investment?

The investment is £299 but as we're doing a beta test right now and getting everything up and ready, it's only £29. The information inside this is worth way more in the long run once you apply it.

There are three reasons why I've priced this at £299 and why I've placed it at £29 right now

1. I wanted to get rid of tire kickers that would not be able to invest in their business.

2. I want to make the bar low enough that you can invest into, again, clarity without completely a wondering whether or not you'd be able to put food on the table or more importantly, open doors to business tomorrow or have to reshuffle some money to get access today.

3. I want to help as many people as possible and I've set the price reasonably so that I know you'll make back your investment multiple times over when you apply this.

4. I wanted to validate an idea.

5. I don't want to teach this class for free because I would feel out of integrity for my clients to pay me multiple thousands of pounds more to understand this process one on one and with their permission, I've gone ahead to offer this to you at this incredible price.

6. The dreaded COVID19. I see so many small businesses that have slumped recently and I have had multiple conversations with business owners who are completely and utterly lost so I want to help because I am actually nice like that :) 

So how do you get started? 
Click the order button. ... Simples

 You be taken to our secure checkout page …
Here you will input your card details
Complete your investment today.

Once you've done so you'll be sent an invoice and then keep your eyes out from an email from me, which will welcome you on board.

Within this email with be an on-boarding questionnaire. This allows me to ensure that I can effectively support you to gain what you need from the next 6 weeks. 

A following email with your downloadable workbook will arrive on the 19th May, ready to start on Wednesday 20th May at 11 am which will be our first session.

What about a money back guarantee?
Hey, if by the end of the six weeks you are not 100% satisfied, then what I will do is work with you in a strategy session to work on one-on-one to gain the clarity that you need.

Basically you're getting a huge discount and for the discount, you're waiving your rights for a refund. But like, you know, if you tell me that it sucks, I'll still, you know, hop on the phone and help you sort your shit out :)

So if you are not 100% satisfied with the results you're getting after training and applying it. (I am a wizard and I will know muhahahaha) And after reaching out to us for support, then all you have to do is send me an email through my through my support system to let me know exactly why you are not satisfied and how we can make sure you are bouncing around like Tigger after we have finished!
Bonuses at £299
Gain access to the Director Development Academy for 6 months for continuous support and development. (Launching June 2020) 

Remember that you will be going from confusion to clarity
You will no longer feel constantly overwhelmed.
You will have a clear path ahead of you.
You will feel balanced like a weight has been lifted. 

Here's what you need to do to get started today
Click the order button, enter your details, complete your investment and you'll be ready to go start on Wednesday 20th May at 11 am

Make sure to look out for an email from jenny@jennyhardman.co.uk

PS this is actually helping you from where you are to complete clarity.

PPS Tony Robbins talks about how clarity is the one thing that you need to actually get movement and it's so true because I've seen this in my own life.

P PVPs. You can keep going through the same bullshit stuff that you've gone through or you can take the low plunge of £29 pounds to invest in your business and clarity and growth and see a result and I'll basically be helping you along the entire way.

Click the order button and get started