This page reveals what you need for direction, clarity and focus

"Every week you challenge me. Every week leads to business improvements.  Not the wishy washy short term ones that are easy to achieve. The long term ones that REALLY make a difference. Plus your one liners are absolute class!"

If you are an entrepreneur, business development manager or director and you want to succeed but feel a little overwhelmed at times then this mastermind will help you focus on the things that really matter and move the needle.
Join like minded, driven and passionate directors within Lancashire for this monthly session that you cannot miss!

Join like minded, driven and passionate directors all striving for success

The director development program is the next stage of business growth. Specifically designed for those proactively committed to growing their business and want to improve their skills.

You Want...

  • Accountability & Consistency
  • Measurable Growth
  • Focus & Sense of Direction
  • Feedback, Resources & Support
  • Skills to Manage Change
  • Work Less & Earn More
  • Gain fresh perspectives & learn from wealth of peer experience
  • Overcome Barriers that are Stopping you grow
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Does this sound like you?

  • Business feels a lonely place and sometimes struggle to stay motivated
  • Actively trying to grow your business but are left feeling frustrated
  • Working too many hours and not having time for you or your family
  • Have cash flow problems that are stopping you from growing
  • Spending time and money on marketing that’s not generating leads
  • Not making enough profit and don’t have the lifestyle you want
  • Can’t find trustworthy and reliable members of staff
  • Struggling to meet the right contacts who can open new doors


Director Development Academy is a business coaching programme and community with a difference - growth should be fun! We know that it's hard work, but why punish yourself unnecessarily? Equipping yourself with the right tools and being around other go-getters enables you to grow more effectively. Our approach promotes balance between work life as well as the focus on wellbeing all while having fun of course!
We are aware how difficult growing your career can be so we're here to help equip you for success by promoting wellness in addition to helping make goals enjoyable .  Our goal isn't just about making some cash off our members but rather investing into their futures through personal development training

What will we be doing?

Building on your skills and confidence. The sessions will cover the key business areas essential for sustainable growth. Enabling you to know what great look likes. Learning practical tools & techniques that will change your business behaviours and provide momentum for your business growth.
This keeps you on track and accountable. You most probably have sat training courses previously and never implemented the content; we will be implementing your leanings to enable strategic growth.
Through a supportive and structured environment with likeminded directors, This programme includes action learning sessions which will allow you to determine the topics that you wish to discuss within the group. This enables the sessions to actively tackle the issues most pressing to the group and you can share, help and support one another through your own experiences.
Jenny and your team (The other directors) will act like an objective Board of Directors that you are accountable to. This is the time to try new & commit to new initiatives, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be supported through them and be expected to feedback your progress.

"What this group is achieving is truly phenomenal. The level of support, the opportunities to meet other business people and the friendly, open, non-corporate approach makes this group genuinely inspirational"

Goal Setting
We’re going to start the process with a BIG kick-ass goal that you want to achieve in the next 6 months. Setting a big goal can help you achieve success.  It should be something that is measurable, achievable and personal to make it more motivating and reduce procrastination rather than having no goals at all or too many.
After deciding on your goal, together we will work out the steps you need to take in order for it to be achievable. This includes day-by-day plans that lead up to success during our sessions. By reverse engineering a plan so all of its parts are there and effective, we help to make sure each step is simple enough for you achieve your goal while still being realistic with what's possible within the time frame given.
YES! We will be taking action during your sessions. Get ready to take some awesome steps toward progress and growth, because this is where the magic happens! Ditch those excuses - it's time for you to shine. Action brings results and together we'll all move forward in a positive direction with every step taken so let's get started on something incredible today.
Brainstorming sessions with your peers can provide a wealth of experience and support. Many companies have found that bringing their employees together in groups to share ideas is an effective way for them to tackle challenges, as well as generate new and innovative ways at looking at problems. There’s really nothing like having multiple perspectives on the same problem.
In order to successfully meet your project goals, our focus is on the implementation process as well as results. Every week we’ll be looking at what have done and assessing whether you need to tweak your plan or ramp it up. Implementation of these strategies, along with regular testing throughout delivery, are going lead you closer towards achieving success by being able to monitor everything more closely
We’ll be celebrating successes large and small. There will be some comfort zone pushing and some ‘firsts’ for most people – these are all things to celebrate about with each other as well as looking forward too seeing everyone accomplish even more through out the months. 

The Benefits

• Learn how to identify and deal with business challenges
• Develop the skills needed for scalable growth
• Work on shortcomings with honest feedback from experienced mentors
• Address the balance between work and self
• Work on goals in a way that doesn't feel like hard work
• Learn from other entrepreneurial individuals
• Break through the glass ceiling
• Develop your personal brand to secure clients
• Enjoy success now and in the future
• Be part of a supportive, yet competitive network. 
• Have fun in an "adult" atmosphere that promotes balance!
• Work on your business without making it feel like work 
• Self-development and focus on wellness to reduce stress.
• All while having fun - no need to sacrifice your enjoyment for growth
• The DDA, a community where you will find other go-getters 

Who Can Take Part?

  • You will have enough experience under your belt to have identified areas that you find challenging
  • You’ll be at a stage where you want to proactively boost your business management skill set and change behaviours that might be holding you back
  • You have a scalable business and genuine business ambition
  • You value objective input and welcome constructive critique
  • You have a growth mindset and you display a positive attitude towards others
  • In business for over 12 months
  • You have total control of your own business & are the decision maker
  • Are committed to developing and growing a business
  • Are able to commit to every session across the year
  • Are able to adhere to the rules of engagement of this programme
  • Are able to be self reflective, give and take respectful constructive criticism
  • Can embrace change and be accountable for what you commit to doing


Growing in a group is not only more effective, but it's also quite a bit more fun! If you are ready for change, to be inspired, to be held accountable, to GROW and to do the same for others then contact Jenny TODAY so we can help you find or build this community for YOU!

You will have access to all mastermind calls and materials. This includes weekly training sessions with Jen as well as live Q&A sessions where she answers your questions about business growth.

There will also be monthly coaching calls where Jen helps members grow their businesses by providing personalized advice and guidance based on her years of experience. Plus there will be an exclusive Facebook group just for members that provides ongoing support from other like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses. 

And if that wasn't enough...you'll get access to our private Masterminds Only Resource Library filled with tools & templates designed specifically for mastermind participants. 

All this plus unlimited email support from Jenny herself throughout the entire program! 

It's time you stop struggling alone in your business and start getting results with the right people around you who understand what it takes - because they're doing it too! 

Imagine having someone hold your hand every step of the way through building YOUR successful online business...that's exactly what being part of a mastermind is like! 

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