We are firm believers that you started your business to have a better life. You did not start it to become someone you are not and to be constantly stressed. When was the last time that you had fun? 

We instill fun into every single one of our sessions because life is too short for boring meetings. 


You are at that point now aren't you where you are seriously questioning why you are on this website. Moomicorns, wizards and what?! 

Welcome to the magical world of Jenny H. 

Why the moomicorn?

Well it's a short story really, when I was creating my first book I wanted something that represented myself. Weirdly I am often called magical, a wizard and a magical beast so naturally when researching magical beasts I came across a unicorn. 

Now, for any of you that know me, you will know that although unicorns are wonderful, they are a little too fluffy to represent me so we came up with the concept of our now beloved Moomicorn. 

A magical and enchanting creature that bestows wisdom, miracles and magic on those of a pure heart and virtuous within their deeds. Moomicorn is clearly curvy and has tattoos as without either of those, she would just not be a clear representation. She is obviously shitting rainbows as we need to sprinkle that shit everywhere ;) 

You may now be thinking, this chic is absolutely bat shit crazy... 
That could be true although the results that my clients gain speak for themselves. 
A business coach, with a successful business history that spans over nearly 20 years with clients that rave of their success, I found a couple of years ago that I was not being true to myself. 

I am not a suited, middle aged, traditional business coach and I do not want to be. I believe in being your true self and not watering that down to suit others. No matter what you do, people will find fault in what you do, so why try and be something you are not to try and impress them?  

THIS is why Moomicorn was created. To be BOLD, be RAW, be REAL and be YOU!