My Childhood
I grew up surrounded by domestic abuse. It felt like no matter what I did, it would never be good enough. I was never expected to amount to anything, and I should just be normal like everyone else. But I wasn’t normal! 

This created voices in my head. You know the ones? “who are you to do something different” and “you don’t deserve to be happy” Imagine this inner voice daily, crippling you from the inside. 

I fought against it and tried to become a high achiever so that I wasn’t seen as 'stupid' although I was not academic so failed miserably at this. I was battling with my internal dialogue daily! After a huge trauma at 15, my world changed and would never be the same. Battling daily with both myself and the world, I never felt that I belonged. The start of those limiting beliefs and lack of self worth. 
I am the older child with short hair :) 
My Transformation
When my second marriage broke down due to abuse, my business also fell apart. I lost everything I had ever worked for. I was broken, lost, depressed and feeling like there was no hope but I knew that I had to continue. I had lost and rebuilt multiple times and I would not let what had happened to me define who I was or my future. 

I started to support small business owners with their struggles, their plans, their marketing and gaining new clients. Seeing them achieve their own level of success, I also felt this success. Is this what I was meant to do? I started feeling like there was hope again, I could make a difference to people in a positive way and selfishly, I also needed that to feel that I was worth something. 

Over the next few years I studied, pushed myself way out of my comfort zone with public speaking and putting myself out there on social media for all to see. I worked with 1000's of businesses on developing their growth strategy and eliminating their limiting self beliefs. If I can heal, I know you can too. 

Business is simple, Business is a process, Business is like A to B, B to C then C to D. The only thing that complicates business is humans ;) 
My Thoughts 
Business is simple, as much as your head is spinning and you don't know where you are going day to day, it is just a process. The main challenge is you and the way you think due to learnt behavior. As humans we are complicated creatures where our past experiences, our beliefs and perceptions shape us and our current choices. 

Many successful business owners that I have worked alongside have had everything that we would define as successful although they are deeply unhappy. Something is missing, something just isn't right. 

Success without fulfillment is the BIGGEST failure of all. If you are ready to start on a journey to discover what your version of success is and then to work towards gaining personal fulfillment, we should chat :) 
by the chapter that you walked in on.....
If you would like to read my story through adversity through to triumph, you can gain access to the first chapters here. 

The book is aimed at domestic abuse victims and those who have suffered trauma and includes strategies that have been shown to have a positive benefit on moving forward. 

The release of the book is due January 2021. 
Your feedback is much appreciated.  

Jenny x