From trauma to transformation
Once upon a time

There was a young girl who was lost
Not lost in the wilderness, lost within her own life
She didn’t feel safe, she was scared of the entire world that surrounded her….
In her family home laid a dark secret, no body knew that she lived with a monster….
Not the mythical under your bed kind..
The humankind

The scene unfolded
Like a horror movie….
Bloody hand prints on the walls, blood splattered across the hallway leading into the room of horror….
This sight was one that would change her life FOREVER!

Her mum had been attached again, this time with dramatic consequences…
This time…. It was her face.
This was not a one-off event although this was the last time.

Everything changed. She viewed the world and everything in it as evil.
Everyone and everything was a threat that she had to fight…..
And she did… she fought.

This was not a life one would choose. Scared, uneasy and reluctant to live.
The pattern continued throughout her adult life, accepting this behaviour as ‘normal’
As this is all she had ever known.
It took a similar event within her own life to wake her up and see that something needed to change, SHE needed to change.

She started on a journey of self discovery…
And realised that she had the power to change her own life.
She was the ONLY one who had the power.
Not only did she have the power to change her own life….
She had the power to help others.
And that is what she did :) 
My Childhood
I grew up surrounded by domestic abuse. It felt like no matter what I did, it would never be good enough. I was never expected to amount to anything, and I should just be normal like everyone else. But I wasn’t normal! This created voices in my head. You know the ones? “who are you to do something different” and “you don’t deserve to be happy” Imagine this inner voice daily, crippling me from the inside. 

I fought against it and tried to become a high achiever so that I wasn’t seen as stupid although I was not academic so failed miserably at this. I was battling with my internal dialogue daily! After a huge trauma at 15, my world changed and would never be the same. 
I am the older child with short hair :) 
My Adulthood
Somehow, I was married at 22 with two under 2, at 24 I had 3 under 5! I was not happy. I knew I should be, but I wasn’t. I had a gorgeous husband that everyone loved, 3 amazing babies and a successful business, but something wasn't right! I was exhausted and called lazy. This was put down to the children and busy business although I knew there was more too it. I was finally diagnosed with ME. 

The next 10 years followed similar patterns to what my mum experienced. It was normal after all, its how relationships were wasn’t it? It took one incident that nearly took my life for me to wake up and get a grip. I realised that if I wanted these patterns to stop, I seriously needed to change!! This wasn’t about them or me and what we were or were not doing, it was about what I was allowing. I had to love myself before anyone else would. How could anyone else respect me if I didn’t respect myself. For myself and for my children, I had to make some changes. 

My Transformation
When my second marriage broke down due to abuse, my business also fell apart. I lost everything I had ever worked for. I was broken, lost, depressed and feeling like there was no hope but I knew that I had to continue. I would not let what had happened to me define who I was or my future. I started to support small business owners with their struggles, their plans, their marketing and gaining new clients. Seeing them achieve their own level of success, I also felt this success. Is this what I was meant to do? I started feeling like there was hope again, I could make a difference to people in a positive way and selfishly, I also needed that to feel that I was worth something. Over the next few years I studied, pushed myself way out of my comfort zone with public speaking and putting myself out there on social media for all to see. I worked with 1000's of businesses on developing their growth strategy and eliminating their limiting self beliefs. 

Business is simple, Business is a process, Business is like A to B, B to C then C to D. The only thing that complicates business is humans ;) 

Jenny x